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Up up and a way .

I've said this before in a post and I'll say it again . Petrol price hikes are good .

I don't intend to defend anything this government might have done or , for that matter , might not have done .
But let's just put this price hike in perspective .
Here's a bunch of people ( a very very large bunch ) spending lakhs of rupees on cars ,polluting the skies , crowding the roads ( yes me included ) . Popularly misnamed , the aam aadmi .
Now that bunch , obviously , wants petrol to be available in every ration shop at 10 liters for 20 bucks and service with a smile .
Here's the counter argument . The supreme court of India made it mandatory to teach students from class 8 to first year engineering a subject by the name environmental education . And for 6 years student learn that fossil fuels are the worst enemy of human kind even ahead of the late Osama bin laden .
For that reason it is great that petrol prices are up . Simply because , like i've said in a previous post , it drives people away . Nobody wants to pay 100 bucks for a litre of petrol . Or do they ?

We've been hearing for a while that these fossil fuels are fast running out . And what happens to the price of something that is fast running out ? It increases . Less resource more demand more cost .
These two reasons outweigh the outcry of the first bunch of people .
Yes we're disappointed . But honestly , how many of us dint see this coming ?
Petrol prices will continue to increase . And petrol reserves will continue to decrease . They are directly related to each other . Policy , politics , conspiracy has precious little to do with it .
Cynics have always pushed a concept like solar powered cars as too far away in the future . We are too far away In that future already . And someone needs to revolutionize the power industry .
Until then , if you're using a car , stop using it . Use a cycle . Use a bus . Use the metro . If you can't do that much for society , don't expect anything in return . Mind you , if petrol prices ever go down it'll be thanks to a government subsidy . And where do those little magic cookies come from ? Taxes . That society pays . Think about it .


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