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Rising fuel prices : The best solution to our environmental woes !

We are all ,at some level , hypocrites  . Some not as bad as the others but hypocrites all the same .
Especially when it comes to the issue of the environment and rescuing what little is left of it .

We have all read , heard , spoken , written, preached about fossil fuels being a precious resource that is almost gone. From the time I first heard about it ( about ten years ago in class 3 ) , the basic , most obvious  solution to this "problem" was moving to renewable sources of energy . Every single environmental science answer paper written by students of this generation will have that one point very clearly written . And yet , even today , people are discussing about the pros and cons of renewable sources of energy . Lets take solar energy for example . Pros : Renewable , abundant ( THAT is what you call an under statement ) , causes no pollution ,cheap to use . Cons : Hmmmmm..hmmm...some hum ho about it's installation being costly . Kids half MY age can rattle off the advantages of solar energy . Then why is'nt it being used already ? It's hard to beleive that in a world where technology has advanced enough to bomb entire countries at the push of a button from thousands of miles away , the technology to produce solar energy is'nt "advanced enough" to be used for vehicles or industries .
Lets leave that there . That is the job for the scientists .

 And THAT brings me to my point about people being hypocrites .
Yes . The technology is'nt available yet . But in the meanwhile we are just going to go on looting the oil fields , pumping toxic gases into the atmosphere and letting people die of lung cancer ?

Everyone knows that automobiles are one of the biggest source of pollution and the largest consumers of fossil fuels . But nobody wants to sacrifice their cars and use public transport instead . It'll not only save the planet but also save money and reduce the ridiculous amount of traffic on the roads ! Everyone talks about it ! But a very large majority does not do it  ! Hypocrites !

You know what I feel ? The Government is the biggest environmentalist today . Why ? They keep hiking the prices of fuel ( and I hope they do it again , and again and again ) untill people can't afford it anymore and will be forced to use other means of transport like buses ! It's a childish argument . But It's one of those ideas at which you laugh initially and then say " hey . That is an actual possibility . "

Why not ! If pricing fuel really high will make people give it up then so be it ! But ,for some reason , nobody recognises that ! They'll fight the government ,take to the streets and protest for a roll-back in prices . Then they'll come home and teach their kids about the evils of using fossil fuels ! Hypocrites !

One day when fuel costs 300 rupees/litre and you are not ready to spend 90% of your income on a thing that is burning your pocket and the atmosphere  , you'll come back to this blog and say "HAHA . you were right ! "

Hopefully by then , we'll have those really smart people who call themselves scientists or indeed one of us , design a solar panel that can substitute fossil fuels for good . Otherwise , when those oil wells dry up , the world will come to standstill and we still won't have a back up source of energy .
Think about it ! Are the high fuel prices all that bad ?!!


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